Regulate local trade

The deputies approved the medicinal use of marijuana in medicines containing less than 1 percent THC. However, more than a year later, Cofepris still does not publish the regulation for the medicinal use of cannabis that would regulate local trade CDX Labs, export and import of products, as well as how it will be permissible for medical and scientific purposes.

José Manuel García-Vallejo is a tall, thin and kind young man. In the smoking area of ​​a coffee shop in Mexico City, José Manuel puffs a vaporizer and remembers how he came into contact with marijuana and its medicinal uses, how he became involved in legalization and how he founded Autocultivo Medicinal in Mexico

A collective of patients who fight for access to cannabis medicines through self-cultivation CDX Labs CBD Oil, doing introductory workshops on medical marijuana and distributing manuals to extract different components of the plant in a homemade way.

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