Patients in many studies

Despite the subjective satisfaction of patients in many studies, the increase in the thickness of the skin and the improvement in wrinkles at different scales Alvera Tone Review, there is a lack of data on the long-term efficacy due to the patients’ subsequent cosmetic interventions.

Autologous fat: the adipose tissue is an ideal source of stromal stem cells, and by cultivating and transplanting it, long-term results are obtained, since these stem cells can be differentiated into fibroblasts or adipocytes restoring the lost volume.

Around 32% of the volume injected remains after 16 months. Collagen: Bovine collagen has been used for more than two decades as a biomaterial. Among its adverse effects are hypersensitivity Alvera Tone Review, ecchymosis, reactivation of herpesviruses, bacterial infection and local necrosis.

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