Benefits of ketosis

But the benefits of ketosis and intermittent fasting go far beyond fat loss or improvement in energy levels. More and more studies indicate that including periods of Revolyn Keto Burn Review and intermittent fasting benefit health through multiple mechanisms that we will detail throughout the book.

Even if you are at your ideal weight, you will reduce your risk of illness if you do this program once or twice a year. While El Plan Revolucionario is not a specific diet, but a lifelong food philosophy, De Cero a Ceto is rather a shock plan for a specific period. It aims to give you quick results, both from a point of view of aesthetic improvement and metabolic health.

Achieve a rapid loss of fat in a few weeks, minimizing hunger. Improve metabolic flexibility, optimizing the ability to use fat as the main fuel Revolyn Keto Burn Review. Start in the practice of intermittent fasting, avoiding feeling hungry every few hours and achieving stable levels of energy throughout the day.

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